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Imaging of the Shoulder

Giorgio Tamborrini, Andreas Müller, Gregor Szöllösy, Stefano Bianchi, David Haeni, Markus Wurm, Anna Hirschmann, Anna Falkowski, Susanne Bensler

Clinical examination and a thorough medical history are essential in clinical practice. Musculoskeletal ultrasound (msus) is an excellent and validated tool in the diagnostics and assessment of musculoskeletal (msk) diseases such as inflammatory and non- inflammatory joint diseases. High resolution musculoskeletal ultrasound (msus) plays an important role in visualising several soft-tissue structures and msus is able to detect a variety training includes attending theoretical and practical courses, as well as independent studying of textbooks, DVDs or websites. Having access to US equipment and performing supervised normal and pathological MSUS examinations for a training period is mandatory for consolidating MSUS learning.

This textbook and atlas has two foci. One is to show the standardized ultrasound examination of the shoulder enhanced with anatomical (MRI-, CT-Scans; cadaver models) and arthroscopic images. The second focus is the comprehensive pictorial atlas of basic and advanced ultrasound pathologies.

Paperpack, 108 pages, ISBN 9783734781735, English